Most Fatal Winter Driving Mistakes

When we think of winter we have in mind, slick roads, foggy weather and more than one close calls. Many argue that the main cause of winter double trouble happen because of the driver than the car. If we are stuck on a freezing road, four wheels skid as quickly as two wheels do.

Experts conclude that many people try to feel as secure when driving in winter as they are in dry roads, and this leads to fatal mistakes. The most frequent and hazardous mistake of all, is driving too fast. Some suggest that drivers should completely anticipate the difficult road conditions, and take extra time to reach a particular destination.

If you find yourself in this situation make a call and let people know that you can’t make it on time, and they will surely understand you. However, if you must be on time because of a formal meeting or a job interview then just get into the road 1-2 hours prior, so that you can take your time, drive cautiously and  allow plenty of space to prepare for unexpected slick spots.

Another thing is that vehicles follow each-other too closely. For your own safety use double the following distance under normal, clear condition. If you have in front of you heavy loaded trucks or snowplow vehicles slow down. It is frustrating but in the same time the safest thing to do.

If you sense that the car is slipping, don’t panic. Smoothly lift your foot off the gas pedal and brake gently. Most new make cars have ABS brake systems, just place steady pressure on the brakes and expect some shaking. If the car slips on the corner, smoothly increase the speed to shift the weight to the rear  wheels. By doing so you will be able to steer toward and have control to the car. Spend some time practicing in some empty parking lot to get more used to such conditions.

If you are heading for a long trip don’t forget to carry with you a cellphone with charger, blankets, flashlights, matches, extra tires, a shovel, and a first aid kit. These extra items may reduce gas efficiency, but they will comfort you in case you get in the middle of a blizzard or just decide to pull over and wait till storm is over and road visibility improves.

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  1. BensonToronto says:

    These are good tips for my wife, she have a hard time driving at winter.

  2. Jenas says:

    What are you trying to say that women cant drive or that smth wrong with your wife 🙂

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