What New Drivers Must Know

When it comes to choosing the first car, most new drivers are careful to get the one which is safe enough to get them out of any possible accident alive and uninjured. In order to purchase a safe car  have a look at what to consider the most:

A safe car suited for a new driver must have airbags. It considerably reduces fatal deaths resulting from head impacts.

Should have ABS brakes since new and inexperienced drivers don’t have  flexible reflexes. Most of new drivers  don’t take the necessary time to brake smoothly and in advance, hence anti-lock brakes will be the best solution.

A spacious car is safer for a new driver. In cases of accidents, those who drive larger cars are less likely to get injured or killed. Statistics show that larger cars have saved the life of many  inexperienced drivers.

Don’t go for a sports car, especially teens because they need experienced drivers who have good command of the speed and the light disposition they possess.

Surf the internet and watch for the best rated cars in terms of safety. Many blogs and websites give a detailed information about the most suited cars for new drivers. Fortunately, there are plenty of them, so you can get a piece of mind about which might be the best for a fresh driver.

Keep in mind. Regardless of the model and year you choose to buy, new drivers are subjected to higher insurance rates. And there are many reasons why it is more expensive to this categoty of drivers. Some of them are  related to the higher chances for accidents, parking tickets, traffic violation, that new and inexperienced drivers demonstrate in comparison to long time drivers.

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  1. Norfolk says:

    Great post thanks CarInstructions :0

  2. Blake says:

    Good tips for new drivers, though picking the right vehicle is only part of the battle. Gaining the skills to be able to operate a vehicle can arguably be even more important to driver safety than the vehicle itself.

    Looking into a reputable driving school can help cut the costs of insurance as a new driver, and more importantly, help you gain the skills you need to be able to safely operate the vehicle you just purchased.

  3. Very good point Blake, finding a reputable driving school is very important factor.

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