Volvo V70-S70 Instrument Cluster Removal

Tools needed: One Flat and one 25T torx screwdriver. It will be much easier to have somebody help you during the removal of instrument cluster. First remove the center air vent by prying it out from the bottom using the flat screwdriver .

Remove the left air vent.

Remove the side air vent by prying it upwards and pulling it towards you.

Remove the speaker cover.

You will a have few screws to remove. There are two 25T torx screws on top of the cluster.

Next, remove the center vent screws.

There are three more screws to take out, one on the speaker, one on the side vent and another on the left air vent.

You will need a second person to help you lift the dashboard pad. There are two clips holding the dash in place, unclip them.

Unplug the electrical connectors. There are 4 of them.

Now, the hard part. It takes two people to do this. Lift the dashboard pad gently as high as possible and maneuver the cluster out. It’s a pain in the (you know where) to do this but eventually it will come out. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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