Volvo V70-S70 Instrument Cluster Bulb Replacement

Here you can find the information how to remove the instrument cluster. Once the cluster is out you will see 4 bulbholders on the back of the cluster. There are only 2 bulbs that need replacement in this car but it’s always a good idea to change all 4 of them avoiding doing the same job 6 months latter.

Twist conterclockwise the bulbsholders and pull the bulbs. Replace the bulbs with the new ones and screw the bulbholders in place.

This procedure is the same for the other bulbs. The ones with green arrows are the signal light bulbs and the red ones are the digital screens.Usually they last a long time and you don’t really need to change them unless they are burned out already.

Installation for the instrument cluster is the reverse of removal.

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