Volvo 850 Service Light Reset

First of all, when the service light comes on it does not mean that is anything wrong with the car. A lot of people mistake this for the check engine light. This light is only a reminder designed to send you to the dealer for “scheduled  repairs”. Anyway, this the right procedure, I tried it on 1995 Volvo 850 and it works fine.

First, you have to get to Onboard Diagnostic (OBD). It is located on the right front of the engine compartment next to washer fluid cap.

Lift the cover and you will see a white pin attached to it.

Place the pin into number 7 OBD socket and turn the ignition key on but don’t start the car.

There is a small button on the OBD terminal.

  1. Press the button 4 times and wait for the light to come on.
  2. Press the button once and the light will go off and come back again.
  3. Press the button 5 times at one second intervals. Light will go of and will come on again.
  4. Press the button again once and wait until the light start flashing.
  5. After the light start flashing remove the pin and close the OBD cover. Start the car and that’s it. When the service light comes back on after some time repeat the procedure.

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  1. mike says:

    Do you know if this works on a 1997 Volvo 850? There does not seem to be any tool or other “trick” to do it.

  2. Bogdan says:

    For 1996 and 1997 850s N/As or T5s you need a scan tool to reset it. OBD2 port under coin holder near the ashtray.

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