Volkswagen Jetta Window Regulator

Having the window glass go straight down inside the door while driving it’s almost normal for a MKIV Volkswagen Jetta. “Das Auto”, as always cheaped out and used plastic instead of metal on the window regulator clips (along with half the car). Anyway, on this car the glass on the passenger side went straight down inside the door. Now, there are 2 ways to fix this. One is to buy the whole regulator at $150 which is the easy way.

It requires less time and headaches to finish the job, you just have to bolt the new one in. The other one is to buy a repair kit (that’s what i did) for about $50. The repair kit comes with 2 new redesigned regulator clips and the regulator cables. The white pieces on the  picture shown by the arrow are the old cheap plastic clips. They will make sure and tell you that the kit it’s not refundable because I guess it’s our fault for their cheapness.

Here you can find the information how to remove the door panel. Then unplug everything electrical that can be unplugged. Push inside the door these rubber boots.

There are 2 rivets (plastic as always) which have to go. I used a screwdriver and pushed them straight in or you can drill them out.

Remove all 10mm bolts around the cover and maneuver the regulator out.

Unplug the power door module electrical connection. Stick a screwdriver where the arrow is and pull it down.

The kit comes with new cables but i didn’t use them as the cables were in good condition. Before removing the old clips make sure you notice the way the cables are attached to them, it will make it easier to install the new ones.  When installing the new clips make sure the cables are separated and not touching each other.

The regulator is riveted to the cover (rivets cost less for them than bolts) and i had to remove one of the rivets by drilling it out and replace it with a bolt. This will allow to install the clip on the right side of the regulator.

Remove the old clips from the glass, each has a 10mm bolt.

Lift the glass up and tape it to the door for now, make sure it’s safe and won’t fall back in.

It’s a good idea to put some grease on the regulator before installing it. Before rebolting the panel to the door don’t forget to plug the power door connection. Bolt the door in place, don’t put all the bolts in(you never know,might want to take it out again),just enough to keep it in place.Plug the window motor in and use the switch on the driver’s door to move the clips until they are aligned to the holes on both sides. Now, lower the glass in carefully by making sure it’s inside the side rails until it goes inside the clips.

Tighten the clips torx screws and let’s hope we don’t have to do it on the other doors anytime soon.

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  1. GolfLover says:

    Front drivers side window regulator failed causing window to fall into door. What should i do !?

  2. admin says:

    Follow the steps above and if you have any question please ask>

  3. eric says:

    im replacing those white clips in an acura integra 2000 it had 10mm bolts just like yours im wondering if i can use what u used and where can i get those clips to mount the glass back on the regulator

  4. Jesus chang torres says:

    I have replace the window panel and the window engine. However now I have a electromecanic issue, that wasn’t before.

    Now the lock do not close and open the passenger side (door fixed) and the windown do not down and up. I’m pretty sure something is wrong.. Do u have any idea. Second question: there is a cylinder that I don’t know were it goes. Thanks

  5. NONO says:

    That cylinder is the one that make the power locks works, you should open again the door.

  6. Jesus Chang Torres says:

    I have changed all motor… it seems that is something worng with something electric…

    NONO. Where is the cylinder located?? can you send me a picture os something


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