Unlocking a Car Door

Locking the keys inside the car happens to everyone at some point. Anyway, don’t start pulling your hair out…not yet. All you need to open it is some kind of a  wedge (wood or plastic) and a coat hanger .

The other alternative is paying a locksmith to do it. I prefer the one I don’t have to pay anything and i guess you do too. First, push the wedge between the doors or between the door and the car frame, whichever is easier .

Next, straighten out the coat hanger and make a hook on the tip of it. Put the hanger in the space created between the doors and try to reach the door handle. There are a lot of different shapes for door handles. You have to try to make the shape and size of the hook based on the door handle.

Ps: The time required for this procedure is anywhere between 5 to 500 minutes 🙂 .

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  1. PR says:

    This was very helpful! Used it on a ’06 Acura TSX. I ended up using an elastic band at the end of the coat hanger to pull up the lock (instead of pulling on the handle). But the wedge was a key idea!! Thanks!!

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