Toronto Parking Ticket Secret Revealed

Did you know that if you live in Toronto and have received a $30 parking ticket, you can easily avoid paying it, by simply applying for a court date?

According to court authorities, a shortage of justices of the peace, who are also judges in charge of parking tickets investigation, and courtrooms have forced them to prioritize and pay more attention to high ticket charges, giving this category of drivers the right to fight a ticket where a considerable amount of money is charged.

At the same time, the relatively large number of trials held annually in the Toronto courts, approx. 600,000 cases, and the high flux of $30 parking tickets requests for court dates, has lead court services to  rule  these tickets as “pretty low” priority.

As a rule, drivers who disagree and want to fight a parking ticket, must apply to one of the city offices where an officer will provide a note which confirms that a trial date will be sent via mail to their residing place.

There has been a long time now, that only a small percentage of 30$ tickets  court notice have been mailed to those who have applied. According to some investigators operating in Toronto, this is a secret that local authorities such as city hall doesn’t want citizens to know of. Some of them concur that it is not right of the city hall to make people wait for their court day, in a time that it has almost ceased holding trials for 30$ parking tickets.

For many other  officials , the disposition for not holding 30$ parking ticket trials is not related to judge and courtroom shortage only. The real situation is that these officials get more  focused on dealing with  cases where drivers have high charges, from which the city can make big profits. For example, last year city hall accumulated close to 80 million dollars from parking tickets only.

Many of those who already are aware of this toleration, park about anywhere they want because as far as the ticket is for 30 bucks, they can simply apply for a trial day which never comes up, and eventually they never get to pay for it.

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