Stabilizer Links Removal and Replacement

Usually a broken stabilizer link will give you an annoying noise while going over bumps. They are cheap to buy, around $30 each but it takes a bit of work and to change them. The bolts on the old ones usually get rusty and seized for good and need quite some work to loosen them up. At the shop for the mechanics this is a fairly easy procedure, they just cut the old ones up with a torch and bolt the new one there. First lift the car and secure it on jack stands, never go under the car supported with only one jack.

These are the rear stabilizer links on 2000 Honda Accord but is very similar on most cars. They have two 14mm bolts each securing them in place. To take those bolts out you will need a small torch, you can buy it on any hardware or automotive store.

Use a pair of vise grips on the outer part of the link and heat the bolt up as much as you can.

Sometimes the link’s body will separate from the center bolt itself or you can try to do that yourself with a hammer. This will make the removal easier as you going to have more space for the vise grip pliers. After heating them up remove the bolt with a wrench, it’s not going to be easy and possibly will require to be heated several times.

After the old one is removed put the new one and tighten the bolts. Use an allen key to keep the while tightening them.

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