Regular vs Premium Gas

There are quite a few owners using premium in their cars thinking they doing the best for their engine or “cleaning” their engine, well…  read the damn  manual, it’s there for a reason and stop wasting your money getting the oil companies richer .

If it says regular use regular, unless you know better than the engineers that made the car in the first place.

First: There is no clean or cleaner or extra cleaner gas. They are all clean or dirty the same. Oil companies invented this formula of cleaner and extra cleaner gas to rip people off. They are trying to make people pay for Premium even when it’s not needed.

Gas differs only by octane ratings not cleanness and that’s about it. Even those cars that originally require premium gas sometimes they run fine on regular gas. You can start by putting regular in there and see if there is any knocking.

Knocking is going to happen when the gasoline inside the cylinder explodes by itself (from compression) before the ignition from the spark plug. Low octane fuels have a lower point of ignition. Usually this happens on high compression engines (BMW, Mercedes and so on).

If you have knocking with regular then try mid grade and if it works fine, use it. However, fuel efficiency might go down a bit and you might get less horsepower from the engine (not much anyway, you might not even notice).

On the other hand, if your car requires Regular and you use Premium or  “extra clean, super clean, mega clean”, you will not make anything better or cleaner but good news is… you will not make it worst or dirtier either, basically you are doing nothing.

Well… when it comes to your pocket paying an extra 13Cents/Liter for premium, that’s a whole different story. Spending that money you waste down the drain (tank) every fill up on car maintenance and tune ups makes much more sense and it will keep you car cleaner and more  efficient.

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