Most Common Driving Mistakes

Nowadays, more than ever before in the mankind history, accidents caused by careless and brash drivers have overwhelmingly increased.  It is true that drivers hitting roads everyday are not created equally, and the situations in which they are involved in accidents are different, as well.

Not strong enough do we remember that the comfort of traveling by car can easily turn into a terrible nightmare. I’m going to mention some of the most common driving mistakes which if you’re not lucky enough may cost your life.

Using Mobile Phones While Driving. Using a mobile phone while driving can be distracting. Research shows that using a hand-held or hands-free mobile phone while driving may increase your chance of a crash by as much as four times.

Avoid swerving. As simple as it might seem it may be a major cause for accident. Never drift into the adjacent line, and try to not swerve aimlessly. Statistics show that many drivers and their loved ones have lost their lifes simply because of this avoidable mistake.

Quit driving fast in bad conditions. Most of us deliberately or not try to ignore bad weather conditions that may cause slippery roads and reduce visibility .By doing so, we consequently push ourselves in hazard. In such conditions, get into the road earlier and allow yourself more time, so that you can carefully drive on snowy or rainy days.

Not wearing a seat belt. Despite the fact that seat belt use in most countries is mandatory and nearly 75% of drivers respect the regulation, there are many  who still don’t understand the importance it has when it comes to their own safety. According to some surveys approximately, 30% of people who die in car accidents failed to use seat belts. The role of seat belts is crucial  because it protects the driver and passengers from being ejected from the vehicle during a crash. And in many times the ejection results in death.

Not yielding the right right of way. It happens all the time that  even though you have the right of way an irresponsible driver who is not aware of the the traffic signs and regulations, or  is in a hurry, rush ahead of you. As a rule vehicles on the left should yield  to those on the right. However, be careful because you never know what’s on other drivers’ minds.  For drivers of age 70 and up this is a major problem, because they confuse whether it is their time to proceed first.

Running red lights. It is the most common intentional mistake that drivers keep doing every day. The popular assumption that escaping red lights saves you time is wrong. Most of a habit among young drivers, it can easily result in traffic tickets and what is more, in many cases in fatal accidents.

Drinking and driving. Statistically, 25% of car accidents are caused by drinking and getting behind the wheel. Again, this phenomenon affects youngsters the most. Not surprisingly, drunk drivers are more in number at nights and on weekends. Alcohol, also, is the instrument that leads pedestrians to fail obeying traffic signs and become potential cause for accidents.

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