Mirror Glass Removal and Replacement

I will be doing this on a Chevrolet Cavalier, also this is exactly the same on a Pontiac Sunfire and is very similar for most cars. We will need only a small screwdriverlike prybar and some grease.

Remove the glass by using the prybar from the side and pry it out, it will unclip easily.

There are 2 pins and a center hole on the back side of the glass.

Mirror body has 2 holes and a center pin matching the glass.

Replacement is easy. Before installing it it’s better to put grease on the glass pins and on the mirror body. Start by matching the glass pins and the center clip with the holes in the mirror body. Push firmly in the center of the mirror glass until it lock on place.┬áDo not push in the mirror glass from the sides, it might crack.

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