Lexus Es300 Automatic Transmission Fluid

Changing the transmission oil is as cheap of an insurance as it is with the engine oil.By the book on this 1994 Es 300 is required that the A/T oil is changed every 24.000km or 2 years. Lift the car and support it on jack stands, never get under the car supported with only one jack. Tools: 10mm Allen key, 4 liters of Dextron III transmission oil, an oil pan and a small funnel.

Find the transmission plug and loosen it, keep in mind that is not the same with the engine oil plug. You do not have to remove the plug completely,oil will come out right away even with the bolt in place.

Wait until all the oil is drained and put the plug back in place. Filling the transmission with oil is done thru the oil dipstick pipe,  it’s located on the left side of the engine, close to the oil cap. Pull the dipstick out and place the funnel in the hole.

The manual says it takes 3.5 liters for a drain and refill but the best way to do this is to put exactly what you took out, start the car and leave  it running until reaches normal operating temperature. Shift the gears from the parking to first and back few times and check the dipstick while the car is left idling.

DO NOT OVERFILL THE TRANSMISSION. Oil level should be between “Hot” marks shown in the dipstick when the car is at operating temperature.

First time that I did this on my car I had to do it 3 times in a row (oil was quite dirty), one week or few hundred kilometers apart until the oil came clean enough, after that once every two years.

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  1. Todd Misery says:


    Were in all this did you change the tranny pan gasket, switch the tranny filter or even clean the magnet inside the tranny pan?….this is why so many cars goes the junker early.

  2. Well…replacing the transmission with a new one is even better 🙂

  3. Miki says:

    This transmission has 2(two) drain plugs!One on bottom of the transmission and one back of transmission ! You have to loose both to drain it correctly!

  4. Mario says:

    Own a 1994 lexus es300 and need an owners manual asap. Any help?

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