How To Repair A Flat Tire

Getting nails or screws in the tires is a pain in the …. but at least there is easy fix for that. All you need is a repair kit sold at most automotive stores. It has two tools inside and few plugs. First you have to find that nail, screw or whatever got stuck in there, I found a nice screw in mine.

Pull that thing out with pliers or if the head of the screw is still good use a screwdriver. Now, get the rasp tool, it looks like a file and stick it into the holeĀ  turning it clockwise until it goes all the way in and leave it there. Don’t pull it out yet.

Get one of the plugs and put it into the hole of the other tool, right in the midle. Pull the rasp tool out turning it the same way,clockwise and push the plug into the hole. Pushing the plug in it’s not easy but it’s not supposed to be, the harder it goes the safer it will be.

Keep pushing the plug in until you have about 10mm left outside and then pull the tool out. Use a knife or pliers to cut whatever part of the plug is left outside the tire and your good to go…until you get another one in there. For detailed instructions check out the video below.

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