Tips For a Better Car Maintenance

Doing your best in well maintaining your car pays big dividends in terms of fuel and money. This means that if you keep your car in a good operating shape, you will surely reduce the frequent maintenance costs.

Besides the fact that a top operating car is more comfortable to drive, in case you want to sell it, you will certainly get more money. But what should drivers have in mind in order to have the reliability and commodity they want, for a long time.

First off, you should become very familiar with the owner’s manual booklet. This will help you get a detailed understanding on the maintenance schedule. It is necessary to know that service schedules are not the same for every car, so be careful to follow the ones explained in the booklet.

When it comes to services performed, always trust to licensed professionals. I suggest professionals because they  are properly trained and therefore have the knowledge required to diagnose and repair your vehicle  so that you can drive safe again.

Pay attention to the tires, particularly in winter. Have in mind that the cold, snow and slush, reduce the air pressure in tires. So, check tires frequently when the temperatures decrease significantly.

Change motor oil always in time, if you fail to do so, than you are seriously causing severe damage to the engine and consequently, poor performance of the car. While when changing the engine oil try to find an energy conserving type of gas, because it is proved to improve fuel efficiency.

Try to not neglect the regimes set by the manufacturer regarding the regular checking of the particular parts of the car such as engine, brakes, emission system etc.

Remember that, a well maintained car conserves 15-20% less fuel and pollutes the environment considerably less than the rest of the cars. Moreover, it is more enjoyable to drive and has definitely a higher price value if the owner decides to sell it.

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