Car Buffing

As you can see on this car here the clear coat tends to get oxidized from the sun and the pollution. However, there is simple and easy solution to this.

All it requires is an orbital polisher and a polishing compound. First start by washing the car. When the car is completely dry you can start by applying the polishing compound or you can use a scratch remover.

Using the orbital polisher is easy and it will not damage the paint. Keep polishing it in a circular motion until the compound start to dry and wipe it out with a clean microfiber cloth. As you can see here there is a big difference.

Now, for better results after you finish the whole car you will need to apply a carnauba or synthetic wax on it. This will assure a better finish and protection for the paint. Enjoy the new car.

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  1. cars4us says:

    I followed your instructions and my car looks better now, thanks.

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