Automatic vs Manual Transmission

One can’t really say which one is better, both serve the same purpose but in different ways. First of all Automatic transmissions (AT) are more expensive on initial costs (about $1000 more) and they require more maintenance during the lifespan of the car .

Manual transmissions(MT) not only cost less when you buy the car but usually they require almost no maintenance. The only thing setting the manual transmissions back cost wise is the clutch which will require replacement at some point .

It is also easy to destroy the clutch if the car is not operated properly. Automatic transmissions on the other hand gives you the freedom of both hands so you can concentrate better on the road while eating lunch, drinking coffee or picking your nose and it’s a very good and practical choice for women who like to put their makeup while driving on the highway.

Manual transmissions will not give you all that but it will give more control on the car and the pleasure of driving. When it comes to gas costs Manual transmissions will give a better mileage than Automatic transmissions in most cases. Brakes too, a car wit AT relay on brakes way more than a car with MT, brakes will wear faster.

Usually Manual transmissions are extremely reliable and do not break easily but still when they do they are far cheaper to repair or replace than Automatic transmissions. Inside AT is a nightmare of gears and solenoids, not every mechanic will touch them. There is one thing though, AT is easier to learn and operate.

Getting stuck in traffic with a MT and going from gear to neutral 15 times a minute it is not fun at all. Soon the legs are going to hurt. Also it is a bit ( only a bit) hard to learn the MT but it does not take much and once learned you never forget it. Speed and power.

You definitely need a MT for that. Engine power is transmitted directly through the clutch without a torque converter as in AT and you can rev the hell out of the engine before let the clutch go.

Bottom is, if you are lazy and need only transportation from A to B and the car is also your kitchen get an AT. On the other hand if you like to drive the car and not let the car drive you, get an MT.

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