Aluminum Rims Restoration

Salt, weather, pollution and road chips take their toll on the alloys on your car.

Painting them is a relatively easy and permanent solution. Take the the rims from the car and using a flat screwdriver remove the rust as much as you can.

You will need aluminun rim paint, a fast dry grey primer and a dust mask. Also a small electric sander is recomended, sanding the rims by hand can be quite painful.

After cleaning up the big chunks of rust with the scredriver start to sand it. Try to sand the surface as smooth as possible.

When the sanding is completely finished wash the rims thoroughly and leave until is completely dry. Now, you will have to cover the tire. Use small pieces of masking tape around the edge of the rim and some old rugs to cover the rest of the tire.

Spray the primer by keeping the hand 25-30 cm away from the rim.

After the primer is dry completely start spraying the paint. Using 2 coat of paint is the best way to go, put the second coat after the first one is dry.

Wait until the paint on the rims is completely dry before installing them back on the car.

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  1. DASH says:

    1997 Ford Taurus Wagon, why rear parking light doesn’t come on when shift the reverse gear?

  2. Parking light or reverse light !!!!!!

  3. In this article you have clearly explained how to maintain Aluminum Rim….. well explained with pictures.

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