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Is Your Toyota Affected By The Recall

Is Your Toyota Affected By The Recall

The number of Toyota's vehicles affected by the acceleration defects, is large and includes some of the best- selling cars in U.S and Canada . If your car is one of them, then you are going to expect a recall letter from Toyota, by the end of this week. However, this doesn't mean that all models a

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Is Kijiji Still a Free Classifieds

Is Kijiji Still a Free Classifieds

Dear Kijiji Autos Dealer, We are writing you today to let you know that starting in March, we will now charge a small listing fee for each car posted by a dealer on Kijiji. We decided to charge this per car fee to reduce the amount of low quality cars listed on Kijiji, and to allow us to invest i

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General Motor's Recall

General Motor’s Recall

It is General Motor's turn to recall its cars due to power steering motor problem, identified in several models. The recall is valid for vehicles sold in Canada, as well. Around 1.3 million Pontiac G5, Pontiac Pursuit and Chevrolet cars are expected to be recalled in America, Mexico, and Canada.

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Mazda Driveshaft Removal and Replacement

Mazda Driveshaft Removal and Replacement

Start By lifting the car securing it with jack stands. Never get under the car supported by only one jack alone. Remove the tire. You will see a big bolt 32mm in the center of the rotor. You will need someone on the car pressing on the brakes while you unbolt it with a long socket bar. Don't take th

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